Cocktails & Coconuts in Jost van Dyke

jost van dyke

Jost van Dyke

Jost van Dyke

Jost van Dyke

Jost van Dyke

Jost van Dyke

I will never forget that first moment I laid my eyes on White Bay, Jost van Dyke. It was a sweltering afternoon and in an effort to put our dollars towards more worthwhile things than cab fares, we decided to walk from Great Harbour to White Bay. “Ten minutes!” our friendly hotel owner had assured us. Twenty-five minutes later we arrived at the top of the hill and were greeted with the most dream-worthy view imaginable. The sweat dripping down my back and harsh sun on my face seemed insignificant now. Yep, this is where we would be spending the rest of our weekend. What followed is a blur of Painkillers (coconut & rum cocktails invented right here in White Bay by the Soggy Dollar bar), beach games, sunshine, warm waters, boats and Caribbean hospitality. We were in paradise. Needless to say, we didn’t make it back to Great Harbour that night. Or the next night. We had boats and new friends to accommodate us now.

Jost van Dyke is a tiny island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s population wavers somewhere around 300 people. This paradise is still somewhat a secret, attracting just enough boating enthusiasts to ensure the fun never stops, without the cruise ship crowds of other Virgin Islands. Soggy Dollar bar is where it’s at, named aptly after the boaters who would anchor, swim to shore and pay for their Painkillers with wet bills. Friends new and old hang out in boats or lounge in hammocks on the beach, sipping on a coconut cocktail so good you can’t even taste the rum. Whether staying on chartered boats or in one of the lodgings on the island, I’m pretty sure the sun couldn’t set on a more perfect paradise.

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